Winter 7
A deep respect for nature and a search to connect with the environment underpin Sarah’s approach to her art making.

Sarah makes exciting abstract and semi-abstract paintings using mixed media on paper, board, and canvas. She finds joy and inspiration in the shapes, colours and textures of the landscape and the impact of weather on light. After spending time outdoors sketching and painting on location she returns to the studio and creates her final work distilling the essence of the natural environment and evoking a sense of place. Her paintings are full of expressive brushstrokes, scratches and drawn lines and her use of colour is sophisticated - sometimes calming, and subdued and at other times vibrant and playful. Through her creative and contemporary paintings Sarah invites you to share her wonder in the natural world.

Sarah is an exhibiting member of Welland Valley Art Society and regularly shows her work at Stamford Arts Centre. Her studio is open to the public each summer as part of Rutland Open Studios and at other times by appointment. Sarah has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in the Mall Galleries, London, has had work selected for open art competitions nationally (winning prizes) and her paintings have been included in both The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines.