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My paintings are both of and about the landscape and the natural world. They are not literal interpretations of a 'view' but an expression of my experience being in the landscape - whether natural or man-made. I aim to distil the essence of a location and evoke a sense of place which I hope will find a connection with the viewer.

I paint almost always in 'mixed media', which is often a combination of acrylic paints, pencil, charcoal, water soluble crayons and oil pastel. I enjoy using expressive brushstrokes, scratches and drawn lines and have a real passion for colour.

I am a member of Welland Valley Art Society and regularly show my work at Stamford Arts Centre. My studio is open to the public each summer as part of Rutland Open Studios and at other times by appointment. I have exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in the Mall Galleries, London, have had work selected for open art competitions nationally (winning prizes) and my paintings have been included in both The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines.